Our Misson and ambition

  • Help for people with pancreatitis ( inflammation of the pancreas or pancreatic duct stones)
  • Publication of ESWL – treatment
    • for 25 years practiced at UKE - HH
  • Establishment in catalog of services of german health insurances
    • also as „outpatient“ treatment
  •  Awareness of GPs:
    • Possible pancreatitis of children

About the Association

On 24 June 2011, the "Pankreas-Selbsthilfegruppe in Norddeutschland e.V." has been founded in Hamburg with head office in Kiel.

Affiliated have in this club people who are affected by themselves or with family members of pancreatic diseases.

Affiliated have in this club people who are affected by themselves or with family members of pancreatic diseases. These are consistently chronic Pankreatitises with a stone formation ( calculus ) is formed. The club's founders have made ​​the experience that the disease so far in the medical consultation and supply plays a subordinate role. We have made the experience that it is already difficult at all to come to an appropriate diagnosis. Versatile are corresponding symptoms such as severe pain in the upper abdomen, not purposeful diagnosed and returned to the actual disease. Often, treatment strategies are performed, which are even purposeful counter-productive.


In conventional medical approach is usually recommended in recognition of the disease patternis no causal treatment, but there are methods of investigation such as ERCP recommended and widely used in many patients, without leading to a success, namely to eliminate the ever- expanding capsulus formation. Even in university medical advice to patients, a pancreas is often recommended a destructive operation that would have an impact on the vitality of the patient and thus results that the professional activity restricted and even impossible. Even with operational activities occur in chronic pancreatitis repeated on stone formations.

That capsulus formations including renal capsulus can be treated by Lithotripsy / ESWL, is known to most physicians. But that pancreatic capsulus can be destroyed in this way, is not known everywhere. Here, this method of treatment has proven to be a targeted causal treatment in the last 20 years, which is able to maintain the vitality and professional ability of the patients upright. The club founders have the positive effects of this treatment method are all experienced, in particular by the Endoscopy Division of University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), in which this treatment method has been successfully used for decades.

The ambition of our association is to advice patients but also doctors to provide assistance to convey their own experiences with others and advocate for reasonable treatment measures.

We want to achieve through our work also that in future also outpatient ESWL treatments are paid by the health Insurances, which is not currently listed in the catalog of services.

The board members and our medical advisor, Dr. Vo Chieu Nam (namvc@uke.de) are always available as a contact.